On Wednesday 4 September, David Moore talked about the importance of Sandfields’ s Pumping Station in the past, the state of the building today and why we should work to safeguard the future of this building.

The talk not only centred around the physical building itself, he also discussed the importance of the oral histories and stories in discovering the history of places and how objects, oral histories and memory are an alternative way of looking at the past, other than books and documents.

David gave an overview of how the industrial revolution affects the lives of everyone today as well as those in the past, and how this great revolution almost ground to a halt with the outback of cholera, how it arrived in Britain, and the horrors it inflected on the population of Bilston.

Fortunately through the collaborative working of the great Victorian engineers and the foresight of the people of Lichfield, a solution was found; clean water, and the birth of the South Staffordshire Waterworks.

David then talked about how the engine and building at Sandfields are in fact a time capsule, giving us a concept of time, how it is a store of memories and a history of the ordinary working people of Lichfield.

Finally he discussed how we can tap into those stories to make their past our heritage.

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